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Flyers - leaflets. 

Spot colour printing (Not full colour) as in the table below.
Black, Blue and Green only
The colours should not to be set too closely.
One or two colours only are used on one side.
A third colour could go on the back side.

Your design can be accommodated from a number of programs, please advise and we will inform you of what is needed or we can layout your work at very reasonable fee.
A4 and A5 prices are tabled below. For A6 please ask.
This pricelist for flyers and leaflets, is a close guide for 'High-speed' copy.
Please note this is not full colour printing. Cannot be printed on gloss paper.

Check price before ordering. Its just a guide.

For full colour printing please click here.

Spot colour chart

All prices quoted are COD and exclude VAT
For further detail please email or give us a call or click here