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Promotional Items

Very often these are Z folded, and therefore printed on both sides in three columns.
Of course these may be in full colour and may be printed on a good quality paper or gloss paper. 

Page Sizes 

We offer the popular finished page size of A5 folded from A4 or DL which is A4 Z folded.  Also A3 folded to A4 or even A5 folded to A6.
You can choose a "self cover" which means the cover is the same weight as the pages inside or opt for a heavier cover instead.

Short runs

  are printed digitally - hence our stunning prices whatever the quantity required!

Faces - means printed pages or sides - so if we are looking at an A5 when folded (brochure or booklet) of 3 pages - there will be 12 faces of A5.
(i.e. printed on 3 pages of A4 on both sides and then folded to A5.)

  • A3 - 420 x- 97mm
  • A4 - 297 x- 210mm
  • A5 - 210 x 148mm
  • A6 - 148 x 105mm
  • DL - 210 x 99mm
The terms used would be portrait such as a letterhead or landscape.